Ground Coffee

WORKOUT™coffee is a delicious hand crafted, small batch medium-dark roast coffee that can be consumed before, during or after your workout or just when you want a great cup of coffee.

We are confident you will feel better and perform your best with WORKOUT™coffee in your daily routine.

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Not Your Average Cup O’ Joe.

The World’s First Theaflavin Infused Performance Coffee

Coffee helps kick start your day by giving you energy and focus and has also been known to alleviate muscle soreness and accelerate fat loss. Now its time to take your coffee to another level through the patented and clinically proven performance and recovery benefits of WORKOUT™coffee powered by TheaFit™.

Medium-Dark Roast


100% Arabica Coffee, TheaFit High Potency Theaflavin Extract


Produce significantly higher peak power output

Minimize delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Reduce oxidative stress

Lower cortisol levels

Reduce inflammation

Energy & Focus

Acceleration of fat loss

Natural Ingredients